This is what I see when I log in to Twitter. I have not received any other explanation, nor identification of the rule supposedly violated.

Did you post about Elon, his jet, or the recent suspensions?

@tony out of curiosity, has your account ever been suspended before? (if they went right to the permaban without any prior temporary suspensions, that makes this even more remarkable)

@tony to be clear this suspension is clearly a decision Elon made that the moderation team will have to figure out how to retroactively justify... so i'm trying to figure out how difficult that retroactive justification is going to be for them

@tony I’m following all the suspended from there over here.

@tony Wow! Glad to be following you on here. Bird has become a dumpster fire.

@tony When I saw your name on the list of banned journalists I plotzed

So, um, any accounts I should be following?

@tony Oh good I found you. And of course you run your own Mastodon server 😂


the fact that they can't link to their own support page without messing that up is so incredibly symbolic of the last month and a half. I’m getting that as well.

@tony what were you tweeting about that might have led to the ban?

@tony I guess that means you're not:
A -- A white supremacist
B -- A Nazi
C -- A Russian
D -- An Elmo sycophant
E -- Any combination of the above choices

@tony Looks like a bunch of respected journalists got their accounts suspended today. You’re in good company.

@tony Thanks for covering Elon! It seems he doesn't like sunlight!

@tony Tony, are you accepting Minnesota Twitter refugees who want to move to your instance?

@tony I hesitate to recommend because they block discovery of fair amount of the fediverse. I respect why but I’m thinking it’s too high a bar for new folk. They said, haven’t found the perfect instance that is accepted by all instances I want to accept me.

@tony @Dbrauer i ended up running my own server for similar reasons. i respect where is at, but had a lot of collateral damage with their moderation/block policies. particularly for journalists.

@sulrich @tony @Dbrauer

Same here. I enjoy the neutrality of existing in my own little instance most of the time. Can orbit around the folks I like. Does mean the local timeline is a bit vacant though

@Dbrauer @tony It's very much a test of what Mastodon is. If it's a Twiiter replacement, then limiting discovery is a huge negative. If we're willing to let it be its own thing, then the walled garden may not be the worst thing.

Personally, I want a wide open world, but I get why others don't.

@tony Do you think it might have something to do with the Grimes stalking incident?

@tony I’ll follow you here (and anyone else who follows me). Want to build followers back up and we need to support each other during the transition!

@tony , I did read your stuff in Twitter, but I would rather do it here.

@tony Fixed it:

“You’re no longer a musk asset (unless you buy a Tesla)”

I know it’s hard for journalists who built a following for years, and whose livelihoods depend, in part, on clicks to their content. But there’s plenty of other outlets to post content and gain a following. Like here. Welcome.

Elon the Great and Powerful shall not be mocked! He has very delicate feelings.

@tony it’s strange, I’ve just found that my Twitter feed just started to fill with RWNJs and loony conspiracy theorists. Not sure if it was by design, or if that’s all there is left over there. So here I am!

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