When I open my Mastodon and Twitter timelines, the quality has gone way down on Twitter, and way up on Mastodon. Also, finding a good Mastodon app helped solve a lot of the issues I was having. Really regretting not doing this sooner.

@JeffLamberty I'm liking Metatext, though I'm still using the web interface on desktop because it's not terrible

@tony @JeffLamberty yeah I use both. Advantage of the Mastodon app is easy ability to follow hashtags. I also like Toot! but not really sure what advantage it provides other than a fun opening graphic.

@tony @JeffLamberty I was team #Metatext as well but the app is causing me some headaches lately - timeline not updating (endless spinning circle) and stuff like this. Unfortunately it’s main developer had to (or will) give up maintaining it for health reasons (not sure if someone took over), so I switched to Mastodon browser version which works surprisingly well. (Not doing lots of image stuff so no sure how good this works)

@tony @JeffLamberty
For those on android phones, they should check out the Tusky app.

@tomcrinstam @tony @JeffLamberty It works well, but I still prefer to use my web browser on my Android phone.

@tony @JeffLamberty I was using Metatext but can’t follow hashtags. So switched to the beta of Mammoth through TestFlight on iOS.

@natehanson @tony @JeffLamberty I can vouch for this. Probably the best mastodon client on iOS

@tony I'd say that for about a week now my Mastodon feed has been both more entertaining and more generally informative than my Twitter feed.

@tony What app did you end up going with?
I'm finding the same between the two, but have not found a Mastodon app yet.

@tony It is quite amazing how the lack of algorithmic filtering makes the Mastodon feed so much richer than the twitter feed.

@tony finding the right app makes a huge difference to the whole experience!

@tony My Twitter feed is mostly novelty accounts and companies now. It's like everyone just collectively went "nah".

@tony I've found to be an incredibly smooth webapp for using Mastodon

@tony it's so nice here. Been wholesome since I joined on another server years ago and has maintained being wholesome despite the mass influx of people. It's astonishing really, imo.

@tony nm, i see the other replies, will check it out

@tony I primarily used Facebook before, and I can say the same. I found that the connection with friends had dwindled, and every other post was an advertisement. Mastodon has been refreshing!

@tony the quality is shifting hour by hour. For me, my #Twitter experience has become an A and B test to understand the shift in real time. Think we made the switch at the most memorable time!

@tony Unfortunately I have no basis for a long-term comparison but I took a sabbatical from Twitter because the signal to noise ratio dropped badly. I returned about a month before the Elon event. My month plus here has been rewarding hope yours continues to be so.

@tony. Me too. Keep figuring out the bugs. Like differences on using iPhone app and Microsoft apps close together. Fitting more comfortably now ✌️🤙

What client are you on? I'm in Fedilab. I'm open to others. This seems solid but hasn't blown me out of the water. Though I'm unsure what other features I could desire for my phone interactions.

@tony What app should I be using and what makes it better than the Mastodon app?

@tony I've just been locked out of my blue tit account because I wrote a tweet that somehow, somewhere, someone deemed 'offensive'... (note: it was response to that puerile idiot's so-called apology re his misogynistic column), but to your point I have increasingly found comments, tweets and the like on my timeline there that have NOTHING either in common or aligned with my views.
Something seriously broken and quite frankly this 'lock out' is probably a blessing in disguise.
And early Xmas present 😎

Fedilab is the best I tried. Allows soo many settings, especially for privacy

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