This morning Derek Chauvin lost his appellate case. The Minnesota Court of Appeals analyzed 12 issues brought on appeal, deciding against Chauvin on each one, and ultimately upholding his conviction and sentence while creating new case law.

This from the Chauvin opinion is quite significant: “We hold that a police officer can be convicted of second-degree unintentional felony murder for causing the death of another when the officer uses unreasonable force constituting third-degree assault to effect a lawful arrest.”

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Just watch….their scum unions are already rewriting their pig manuals to exploit loopholes & avoid accountability.

@tony something tells me that was intentional, and personal. The killer knew the suspect well

Justice for George Floyd. Defund the police, then abolish them. On the way there, pay police settlements out of their pig pensions. Alternately, have their scum cop unions pay brutality settlements. Those unions have millions of dollars to sway elections. They can afford it.

More: Give every city Citizen oversight boards - with no cop insiders holding seats. Demand cops live in the cities they police. Keep the ACAB’s away from children. Schools dont need cops. We need gun control. “But the crossing guards are paid from the ‘cop budget.’” Why?? Why are crossing guards considered cops?? No more traffic cops. Someone else can do that job.

When cops stop brutalizing vulnerable people & go after polluters, landlords, wage thefting bosses i might feel differently. But they never have & they never will. #1312.

@tony That was the correct finding. Chauvin is guilty as sin.

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