I got my first crypto scam mention on Mastodon. I clicked to report it, and ... the report came to me, as my instance's administrator, even though it's on mastodon(dot)social. Lord, this platform is broken.

@jcrabapple @tony yeah it’s supposed to be forwarded on demand (no worries, I didn’t report you ^^)

@tony Thats what happens you just forward it on. Limit for now like ive done here

@tony Yep, you get all reports, even reports you file. That's an admin thing.

@tony There's a checkbox to report to the admins of mastodon dot social when you report a post. Unfortunately, it's unchecked by default, but it is there.

I still appreciate getting the reports I send myself, since it gives me a paper trail to refer back to later in case I need to look up who I blocked.

@tony It just occurred to me that different apps might not have it. I use Tusky. I'm checking the desktop web site to see how it works there.

@tony @zalasur Bingo — it's the app, not Mastodon. Which app are you using? I'm on Tusky and it asked to notify as the source instance.

@femme_mal lol it's the official Mastodon app, from Mastodon, makers of Mastodon.

@wa7iut @tony @femme_mal oof yeah the desktop app is the same. I could have sworn there was an option to send it to the remote admin. Does it do it by default? It's a little hard to say since I don't do this very often and it's not like I ever have to handle this in my own since I'm a single-user instance 😅

@zalasur @tony @femme_mal

with the Ivory app, it looks like you can forward to the remote admin, but you have to select that option. It doesn’t appear to be the default behavior.

@wa7iut @tony @femme_mal Same is true of the Tusky also. I mistakenly thought the desktop version of Mastodon was the same but it only gives the option to report to local, it at least that's what it would appear. I can't really test it without actually filling a report, though.

@zalasur @wa7iut @tony I have and use Tusky; I reported the source instance because it was an option as well as reporting to my own instance.

@tony I got my first one, then a second this morning, moments after I posted using #Ukraine Scanning your recent posts, doesn't appear that's how they're deciding who to hit. Both reported & blocked. No followup from @stux yet.

@tony yeah, i had the same thing happen this morning - i hit the forward to so hopefully their admins will sort out their spam shit, but that behavior is by design. I get to go look at limiting on my instance now i guess :sigh: it was so nice to not get spam here.

@tony my first crypto mention as well. Twice. Reported it without any problem.

one bad experience does not mean the platform is broken, IMO

@failedLyndonLaRouchite Oh don't worry, there's a very long list of reasons, but reporting spam is kind of a internet 101 thing, something they really shouldn't get wrong

@tony the platform is just immature. Incidents like this help mature it. As Mastodon’s popularity grows, so will the spam. It’s inevitable. Give it time, a community works differently to well funded businesses, but usually gets to a better place in the end.

@tony it goes to the local instance administrator because they should also be involved in reviewing abuse that transited their instance even if it originated elsewhere - perhaps origin user/instance requires local admin intervention - limit/suspend that user/instance from your instance, remove their posts from your caches - i.e. if the contents is illegal in your country, etc.

The local administrator can then send reports on to instances they determine to likely deal with it in good faith.

@tony in my report form I was given the opportunity to also report it to

@tony Broken, as in the haha, aren't you adorable vs the broken soul crushing, I want off the planet way right... right? 😬

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