Earlier this month, Hennepin County, Minn. filed a motion to dismiss my public records lawsuit seeking data about the use of trespass notices to ban people from libraries under threat of arrest and prosecution. Here’s my opposition brief, filed today:

@tony I personally would love to know the full story. My understanding of your brief is that they are saying there is no way to grant you relief, when in fact there is one very specific way to grant you relief, which you clearly defined to them?


Is this typical behavior from a government agency with regards to a public records request?

I don't understand the foot dragging regarding fulfilling your request.

We regularly get audited and then work to address the findings of the audit. It seems like the county is taking your request personally rather than seeing it as an opportunity for improvement.

@slmcgerik It's not typical at all, but this agency in particular is frustrating

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