PSA: Data broker LexisNexis sends out requests to colleges for student directory data, which can contain full name, DOB, address, phone, etc. Students have the right to block this data from being made public. Google your college + FERPA/privacy request/directory information.

Today I asked to file an amicus brief in Energy Transfer v. Unicorn Riot at the Minnesota Court of Appeals. After a judge rejected the Dakota Access Pipeline owner’s subpoena for @UnicornRiot's unpublished journalistic material, the pipeline company is appealing, making this a big press freedom case.

Dispatch tells Minnesota cop there’s no dogs available, so he lets a driver go. Then cop learns there *is* a dog, catches up to driver, “continues” first stop. Dog alerts; 76 grams meth.

Judge: This is fine. 11 years prison.

Court of Appeals: Nope. Reversed.

Hello, I would just like to recommend aimlessly driving around dirt roads in Wyoming at sunset while blasting Taylor Swift, and stopping to Google the random LLC names on no trespassing signs to see which minor celebrity unexpectedly owns a cattle ranch.

I have yet to see an online textbook/DRM platform worthy of being saved from a garbage fire. Students shouldn’t have to worry if they *really* need to copy-paste into their notes or as quotes in papers because we might hit our copy-paste allowance before the semester is over.

me writing a two paragraph paper with the word “metaphysical” (whatever that means) in it

Hi from South Bend. She thinks she’s going to catch geese.

The amusing CrimeWatchMpls copyright lawsuit has been resolved by agreement of the parties.

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I found some owls to photograph today at the Sax-Zim Bog in Northern Minnesota.

Stop trying to force AI and blockchain into journalism 

I'm sorry but I just can’t delete some of these old tweets lmao

Paul Graham didn’t even have any URL or Mastodon account identified in his profile. It being on his personal website was enough to ban him. What a train wreck.

I’m packing for a road trip and she will look at me with the saddest eyes until she realizes she’s coming with

Here are the two tweets about @ADSBexchange which Twitter forced me to delete as violating their rules by “posting private information.”

One reason I just can’t use the bird site anymore is because it’s filled with profiles deifying Musk. These people will rabidly attack anyone with the slightest criticism. And this is not a rare thing. It’s super creepy.

Well here’s my protest, lol. I haven't fully thought this through, but for now I'm only going to use Twitter for announcements, and will direct people here to Mastodon for conversations. Journalism can no longer reliably happen on Twitter.

I will continue to run an ADS-B receiver in my window to track planes in my community using public, open source broadcasts, as I have been doing for almost a decade. Plane tracking is protected by the First Amendment and has facilitated many news stories.

You can't download your Twitter account data if you're suspended, nor access your DMs. I had a bad feeling and downloaded my entire account this morning. Glad I did.

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