Hey I survived my midterms. Came close to asking the Fed to bail me out, but we did it. Off to Colorado for spring break to go snowboarding and do more LSAT prep in a hot tub somewhere. Kbye.

Me, staring at the three sentences I’ve written in my 10-page paper due tomorrow: “If I hopped in the car right now, I could get to Denver before the vegan poutine place closes”

Took my first timed cold LSAT practice test today before doing any studying for it. I thought I was messing up so many answers and felt really deflated until the number popped up on the screen, and it was actually... enough to get in. (Am I really doing this?)

PSA: Data broker LexisNexis sends out requests to colleges for student directory data, which can contain full name, DOB, address, phone, etc. Students have the right to block this data from being made public. Google your college + FERPA/privacy request/directory information.

@Pat Thanks! He covered this very well. Subscribed to his channel too.

My biggest Fourth Amendment ick 

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Finished my criminal procedure class today and I’m even more concerned about the state of Fourth Amendment rights than when I went in. Didn’t know that was possible!

Today I asked to file an amicus brief in Energy Transfer v. Unicorn Riot at the Minnesota Court of Appeals. After a judge rejected the Dakota Access Pipeline owner’s subpoena for @UnicornRiot's unpublished journalistic material, the pipeline company is appealing, making this a big press freedom case.

is “i want to snuggle with my dog instead” a valid reason to cancel a meeting

Dispatch tells Minnesota cop there’s no dogs available, so he lets a driver go. Then cop learns there *is* a dog, catches up to driver, “continues” first stop. Dog alerts; 76 grams meth.

Judge: This is fine. 11 years prison.

Court of Appeals: Nope. Reversed. mncourts.gov/mncourtsgov/media

Feeling very frustrated by the right-wing criticism of Fetterman today. This is your chance to show your community that getting help when you need it is a great thing, and yet your behavior just drives people to suppress their need to seek help.

Police discipline files are public in Minnesota—but about a decade ago, Minneapolis Police came up with a new word to describe discipline they didn’t want to be public: “coaching.” Paul Ostrow’s commentary in the @mnreformer: minnesotareformer.com/2023/02/

Here’s the Star Tribune’s story on my public records settlement: DEED commissioner, incoming Star Tribune publisher Steve Grove settles journalist's lawsuit m.startribune.com/deed-commiss

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okay no UFOs today please, i have a paper due in four hours and i haven’t started it yet

@evanwolf Yes and yes – I mean, me being correct usually doesn't stop the government from fighting me, but we had a very respectful dialogue in reaching settlement.

I just reached a settlement in my public records lawsuit against the Minnesota Dept. of Employment and Economic Development and its Commissioner Steve Grove. They’ll provide me all the data I requested and pay $17,000. When government agency heads use their social media for government purposes, who they block is public data.

The problem with capitalism is how it distorts the natural balance of Fucking Around & Finding Out by creating a class that is allowed nearly infinite fuckery with zero finding out

On the upside of being pretty overwhelmed with school right now, I am developing an excellent ADHD playlist of songs suitable for repeating on loop for six hours. Today’s addition is this indie-folk-pop gem: youtube.com/watch?v=MJbCsIreQa

Went to Boulder, Colorado for one (1) hour, and I left with a Patagonia hoodie and an intense desire to learn how to make carrot kombucha at home.

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