Cortana passed away in my arms this afternoon. She was the sweetest dog, and it was a wonderful 12+ years growing up together. I’m heartbroken, but relieved she’s at peace. Some of our moments together:

As this ranch owner subpoenas Google trying to unmask his anonymous critic who said he “abused police resources,” it seems to me that saying someone “abused police resources” is protected opinion. But that’s just my protected opinion, man.

Skipping the festivities this year to spend time around home with Cortana. The steroids controlling inflammation around her tumors make her really warm, so we’re just doing quick visits to the dog park.

2063 Mars (Muskbase Alpha)


Verified colonists are limited to 6000 breaths a day.

Unverified colonists are limited to 600 breaths a day.

@waldoj i do love documents, so it's nice to know they share the feeling

I was in a bad mood but then the co-op had avocados in that 17-minute window of perfect creamy ripeness so I’m fine now.

Cortana impatiently waiting for her drive thru treat this afternoon. (Week 11 of “two weeks to live”—I’m really glad we’ve had this extra time together.)

@slmcgerik It's not typical at all, but this agency in particular is frustrating

@slmcgerik Yeah, documentcloud is kind of buggy - that's happened to me for years

Earlier this month, Hennepin County, Minn. filed a motion to dismiss my public records lawsuit seeking data about the use of trespass notices to ban people from libraries under threat of arrest and prosecution. Here’s my opposition brief, filed today:

@austinc I've definitely been giving her like an entire bag of treats every day :x Sadly she has both congestive heart failure and a brain tumor, so I don't think we'll be two years lucky. But every day is a blessing.

Just finished my last final exam! Only 7 credits left to graduate. I'm heading up to the mountains to spend however much time I have left with my dog in the calm of nature (we're at week 9 of “two weeks to live”) and then I'm going to Italy, Austria, and Slovakia for a couple months while studying for the LSAT.

Civil rights attorneys studying Twin Cities law enforcement actions against protesters in 2020-2021 are looking to talk to anyone who might have been injured. This could assist in the release of more body camera footage.

This has been an excruciating semester but I’m now done with eight of my nine classes. One paper to go, and then I’m going to find some secluded river valley to crawl in a hammock with the pup and sleep for two days.

@failedLyndonLaRouchite Oh don't worry, there's a very long list of reasons, but reporting spam is kind of a internet 101 thing, something they really shouldn't get wrong I posted screenshots of the entire process elsewhere in the thread. There is not such a checkbox in the official Mastodon app.

@femme_mal lol it's the official Mastodon app, from Mastodon, makers of Mastodon.

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