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Hello, I would just like to recommend aimlessly driving around dirt roads in Wyoming at sunset while blasting Taylor Swift, and stopping to Google the random LLC names on no trespassing signs to see which minor celebrity unexpectedly owns a cattle ranch.

The lowest ever recorded temperature in the US was hit today in Mount Washington, New Hampshire windchill of -78°C (-108°F)! It even *looks* cold!

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I will not FOIA all the police departments unveiling Black History Month squad cars I will not FOIA all the police departments unveiling Black History Month squad cars I will not FOIA all the

@alfora as I said, copying and pasting into notes or papers. What everyone does. Manually re-typing adds unnecessary time and introduces risk of error. You do NOT want to be misquoting people in a law class, and in STEM, you don’t want to get the facts wrong either.

I have yet to see an online textbook/DRM platform worthy of being saved from a garbage fire. Students shouldn’t have to worry if they *really* need to copy-paste into their notes or as quotes in papers because we might hit our copy-paste allowance before the semester is over.

me writing a two paragraph paper with the word “metaphysical” (whatever that means) in it

*has a paper due in four hours*
Me: I should re-watch Inception! I should go buy a sushi roller! I should Goo Gone all the old state park permit stickers off my windshield! I should rearrange all my furniture!

Welp. ADS-B Exchange has been acquired by private equity. I just took my feeders offline until I’m able to digest this. This is severely incompatible with the community’s desires.

Get you a man who looks at you like burnt out Minnesotans look at suddenly moving to the Rocky Mountains

A good op-ed in the University of Wyoming’s student paper about how the state needs a media shield law to protect journalists’ sources.

Congratulations to all on this list!

In particular, congratulations to the *checks notes* THREE women on this list.

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@fack I have such terrible ADHD that I would lose that immediately. Like, did you know there's a maximum number of AirTags you can have on your account? It's true.

@JSkier I just can't handle the split screen where it's messy markdown syntax on the left and clean on the right. It just feels so disconnected to me. But, maybe I am doing it wrong or have used a bad app?

The start of the semester means a new opportunity to rabidly download every to-do app known to civilization to see if any are better than the app I most recently used, which at some point last semester I ditched to instead manage everything in a .txt file.

Good morning to everyone except PACER, who just charged me $30 because I accidentally typed my starting search date as 01/17/2022 instead of 01/17/2023.

PSA: with the ‘Be My Eyes’ app you can volunteer to take video calls from people with visual impairments around the world to help them. I’ve done two calls so far. First to help someone use a blood glucose meter, and second to help someone fix their screen reader app.

I spent January 5th chasing trains over Stevens Pass with my buddy David Honan; was a really nice day exploring part of the country I haven’t ever visited before. #railfan

Elon stans will claim he's a genius because he became the richest man on earth, but then when he loses the most money in history, he's still a genius and it's all other people's fault. Cognitive dissonance is a hell of a drug.

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